Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer's here!

Hey everybody! Summer is here and to celebrate, all our custom figures are on sale until end of summer, Sept 21.

- Rah'Vagh, Sor'Pan, and Reggie and reduced to $30.

Stay tuned for more news are things progress.

Friday, June 17, 2016

A bright horizon

We hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer! We started last week and we brought the "boys" with us, as you can see. Expect more scenes like this as the summer progresses.

We've also have been working on some new goodies, so expect a drop in about a month or so. We'll keep you updated as we solidify things.

A few more things before we go.
1- We wanted to do some cons this summer but due to circumstances beyond our control we're not able to but we're still on track for New York Comic Con and hopefully a few more conventions after that.

2- We are about to take a venture into unknown territory on how we handle our releases. We just have to smooth some things out but once we do we hope you, our PATRONS, will join us.