Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meet Crys'torg the Chronicler

Crys'torg here will be one of the few Ston'emm Glyos compatible figures debuting at the LI Toy Show on July 13th and was created by Bah'Glenn and cast by me.
Be sure to stop by if you're in the NY area!

Name: Crys’torg the Chronicler
Collector Number: #40
Rock Type: Crystaritte
Function: Chronicler of Ston’emm Historical Events
Quote: “It is important to preserve our past, to ensure our future.”
Abilities: Crys’torg, like all ston’emm possesses the ability to reconstitute his body with any nearby rocks or stones after being heavily damaged. Although due to the highly impervious nature of the rare crystal he is made of, this rarely happens. He can also telekinetically gather rocks up to form crude melee weapons and morph his limbs into hammers, maces or other blunt instruments. In addition to these abilities, he can also do something the ston’emm call ‘earth-walking’ and can move through solid earth as if it was water. This enables him to attack foes from under the ground or to easily escape through the earth. Being composed entirely of a rare crystal known as ‘crystaritte’ enables Crys’torg to shrug off most forms of damage without sustaining major injuries.
Bio: Ever since Crys’torg was young, his mother used to tell him he would one day do great things for all of Ston’emm kind. He never quite knew what this meant, but did his best to do her proud in all his endeavors. Lacking the aggressive instinct to be a true Ston’emm warrior, Crys’torg would tag along and stay on the side-lines of battles to keep mental notes about what was going on. Later he would tell others of what he saw in a grandiose fashion often causing anyone eavesdropping to stop and listen to his stories. As he matured into adulthood, he was given the official title of ‘Chronicler‘ by the village elder and charged with keeping ston’emm history. He considers this to be great honor and does so with pride. Before leaving him that day, the village elder said one last thing: “Your destiny will reveal itself in time Crys’torg, but at a price. Never let it change who you are inside.”. Crys’torg was not sure what he meant, but took it to heart for who knows exactly what the elder was foretelling…


Crys'torg meets Pheyden

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