Thursday, May 12, 2016

Escape from the Sand Sea gladiatorial pits! AKA RELEASE THE KITTIES!!!!



It's almost a month to day that we said there we were going to make an announcement for our drop and we finally made it.  Sorry about that, had some things goingon in the background that delayed us, but on to the good news!
The next drop will be on Sunday, the 15th @ 9 pm Eastern Standard Time.


Sor' Pan the Panther - Now includes custom sword with figure   $35

Reggie the Pigeon - Now includes custom gun with figure   $35

NYCC 2016 Taa'lon - Left over stock that now includes a custom cape and weapon with figure   $40

XXX - New character that includes custom weapon with figure   $35

More pictures to come between now and the drop.
This a small release so get them while you can!

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