Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome to Animus

Dropping 6/6/12 10pm EST
At the webstore,

This will be the 1st in a line of Glyos figures.
4 new parts, 2 modded and the rest are recast or original Onell parts. 4 different colorways and VERY limited.
Also includes a mini comic!

As for his background story, he hails from the planet Animus and is search for his family's killer. As he searches for the killer he meets others from his planet and ends up going on adventures with them.

On a sadder note, due to some unforeseen circumstances I am not longer able to produce any other pieces for awhile. There are still a limited amount of the other pieces still available in store but once that's gone, that's it, until further notice. On a side note, anyone who has ordered these has had their items shipped. So, no need to fret about unfulfilled orders.

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  1. These are wonderful! They have a real Battle Beast feel to them.